Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well, today is Sunday-one of Kaitlyn's favorite days. She loves to go to church and to Sunday school. I wish I had a picture of her from this morning. She had on one of her favorite dresses- it is probably the last time she will wear it; it has a black velvet bodice with white pearls on the neckline, the skirt is black and red taffeta with a black satin bow, it has short puffy sleeves that match the skirt. She wore black "stockings" with black patten leather shoes- she looked so tiny for some reason, and yet so big!
The weather is warmer today- nearing 50, the sun is coming out-and we have NO rain!
Kaitlyn loved the sermon-it was from Matthew 14:22-33; where Jesus told the disciples to go head in a boat while He went to pray, then he walked out on the water to meet them in the storm. Kaitlyn is always thinking of fishing and "what did the fish think", "What would Jesus say if..."
Funny, I had never imagined how the disciples may have felt, but it says they were scared of the "ghost" approaching on the water. I guess I would have been afraid of a figure walking on a stormy sea also! lol But Peter, in order to make sure it was Jesus said "Lord, if it is you, tell me to come out to you". I have often wondered why; then it dawned on me- anyone (ok, a "ghost") would have kept coming, but Jesus would have been able to create a miracle, and Peter could also walk on the stormy sea and Peter KNEW this! Well, Jesus did tell Peter "Come" and Peter did just that. I wonder, would I have had the faith to do that? Would I have said" Lord, if it is you, hurry and get in the boat" or better yet, "Lord, if it is you, STOP the storm!" Once Peter was on the water, he seemed to forget WHY he was there- he lost sight of his goal-Jesus outstretched hand, and began to fall. BUT! Jesus / God is right on time...Jesus reached out and took Peter's hand, and he did not drown. How often do I yell at God and say "where are you??!!" "Why are you not answering ME?!" I often forget that it was ME who stepped OUT OF THE BOAT, and it is ME who forgets the GOAL...and God/Jesus is always waiting for me to reach out and take His hand...
If you have not guessed it, I spend many days "Shouting AT the Lord" nearly as many as "Shouting TO the Lord" and yet, HE always has His hand stretched out ready to answer in HIS timing...and NO, I am not always happy with His timing, but after all, I DID STEP OUT OF THE BOAT, SO IT IS I WHO MUST KEEP SIGHT OF THE matter what the day has in store...So my goal this week is to remember: GOD IS ALWAYS RIGHT ON TIME.

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