Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hmm, to get started

Hello! I am Tammy and the beauty in the box is "Kaitlyn" and God blessed ME with the opportunity to be her mama! She was adopted from a very "small" orphanage in South Korea-small meaning not fancy, only 45 to 50 children depending on the day, and the children do without many of the modern things our children feel are necessities- but these children have tons of love to share and they have an assistant "baby home" director with a heart of pure Gold. Kaitlyn and I have disucssed many times why she was in an orphanage (we do know her story) and why so many children wait for their "forever families".
When Kaitlyn was not yet 3, she said all babies have wings in heaven, but they have to wait to go back to heaven to get them again, hence, she is not afraid of dying. After volunteering in several orphananges in Korea and then concentrating on this one in particular, I have come to realize my Kaitlyn is wiser than her years or mine-all of the children ARE angels without their wings and if we listen carefully, we will hear the flutter of the wings from Angels on High as they daily protect these little ones. I have personally seen why in Hebrews 13:2 it states: Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for you may have entertained angels, unaware.

Well, guess it is time to learn to "blog". I have been reading the blogs of others for ages and always seem to say "sheeze, wish I could do that"- but if I never try, we will never know.

A few years ago my hubby decided we did not need a photo printer as one can save all the photos they could ever want or need on a computer-so I tried this; Now- I have tons of photos I can't access on a "dead" computer and no way to share the photos! I am hoping a blog with photos will be a means to "save" some photos and info for the kids as they get older.

I am also wanting to learn to do more writing about my feelings on being a "re-newed mother" at the current age of 44 when my 3 oldest children are 32, 24, and 23 and my youngest-who is adopted from Korea- is 4 yrs 9 months. Seems funny- but I have this renewed desire to parent again-not only to show I have learned from past trials and errors (my poor children!), but that I have matured mentally and spiritually as well as physically. I know I have more love for at least one more child, but I really desire 2 more- a little girl the same age or very close in age to Jeongah, and a boy either slightly older or younger (I DO NOT want a child under the age of 2, not sure why, but that of course could change!). My poor husband is not so sure about 2 more, but he says perhaps to one more. Of course, this could mean 3 more children as we are in the process (very interrupted!) of adopting a little girl, soon to be 9 on 22 Jan, from Korea; we provided foster care to her for nearly 2 years and she picked "Daddy" and thus our family seemed to be a good fit for her. She is a delightfully bright child, learns English quickly and swears she is really an American in a Korean body. I have to laugh, I think I am a Korean in a chubby American body, so perhaps we are meant for each other?

Well, it is late and hubby is snoring and I need to figure out a few more things before I get to bed. I am hoping to be able to post some music and photos soon- so please visit again soon.


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