Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fun places today

Well, first off I must change the colors of the posts around- Kaitlyn says God sees and thinks in "rainbow colors and so should we"-so I will try to not do everything in purple.

This morning started off much like most-Kaitlyn coming in to kiss me "awake" and verify it is "day time" and then asks "what color will our robes be in heaven?" I told her I was not sure, but they would definitely be beautiful ones. She then proceeds to explain about the "rainbow colors of God"- after all ,His promise is a Rainbow mom!! lol
The topic then turns to "how soft or rough will the robes be?" as she rubs my super-soft-double-weight-white-with-blue-snowflakes-on-it "Mink" blanket from Korea (by the way, I have never, and I mean NEVER felt anything so soft and cuddly!). I of course state, "oh my, they should be like this blanket" and she says "are you sure? Are you sure they won't be rough like the jeans you make me wear sometimes?" I asked her why God would make us wear Rough Robes- she says "oh, He would not want us to, but sometimes we would not do much except cuddle in the robes if they are too soft!" lol The logic of a 4 year old that is constantly reminding me that God told her she would return to heaven one day to get her wings back...

We are on like, day 39 of rain-ok, not 39 it just seems like it- but we have had rain nearly every day the last 2 weeks and add to that the cold tempuratue, and it is not much fun for anyone, let alone a child who wants to go see and feed the fish, look for frogs, or swing on the playground behind our house. I decided today was a good day to visit the Post Library and behold- Kaitlyn thought it was" a great idea" too! She still has not found the "joy" of sitting in a chair or on the floor and "reading" a good book, but she did "flit around" like "tinkerbell" for a while -then we realized something! There, in the corner, were computers. Why on earth are there computers in the childrens' room? We check it out and they are set up for educational games! Talk about a happy girl!! She sat down, put on the headphones and commenced to yell "mama, I want to do this by my self, I don't need you to show me how, I can do it if I try". I had to explain that she was yelling with the headphones on and asked how she could "do it herself" if she has never been on a computer? She then let me show her how the mouse buttons clicked and that clicking the arrow at the bottom of the page changed the screen to another section of the game...she would have stayed there for days!

After the library we went to "another fun place" for her-we went to the central registration office for the Youth Center-this way if need be she can go to the daycare center and if any programs (dance, music, etc) open up for children under the age of 6, she can attend. She had a blast stacking large foam blocks, dancing and hopping around a round rug containing the ABC's and naming all the letters and then realized she can do it backwards too...the things that excite her~!

On to the Commissary. Oh yea! I dread this part, but Kaitlyn thinks it is an adventure- if there is no "car" cart, then she sits in the back and stacks cans and boxes and counts and tries to read what everyting says as well as telling me what I should have bought and what needs to be put back on the shelf. Peas are not to be placed in the cart and "Oatmeal can kill you!" When I explained it won't kill her, she says "it makes me gag and gagging must kill you!" So, no oatmeal (thank goodness! it makes me gag too) goes into the shopping cart. We then proceed to purchase what is on her list- Cherries, grapes, blueberries-that-you-wash, milk, blueberry yogurt, some "mul gogi" (fish) that I MUST fry Korean style (oh dear Lord help me, nothing I make tastes Korean enough to either of us!). She then asks "Mama, why don't American stores have Korean grapes and why don't American strawberries taste as good as Korean Strawberries?"... Of course I had to explain that it is not the season for Korean grapes, and at the price for the grapes it is not the season for American or Chilean grapes either! And no-one can explain why the best strawberries in the World are grown and sold in Korea!

After shopping we load up the car and head for home-Kaitlyn is happy that we went to her fun places today-and insists we hurry home as daddy promised to "tape" "WORD WORLD" for her on the DVR.

We get home, she plopps her little patootie in daddy's recliner, grabs her snack bowl of apple slices, "blueberries that you wash (real ones), and a few red grapes and prepares to watch WORD WORLD- only we find out it did not tape. I then have to listen to 100 questions about why it did not tape, did we do it on purpose so she would not watch TV and take a nap (hmm, what an idea!), yadda, yadda, yadda.

Ok. let's do something else fun- let's peel cucumbers! I actually let her peel a cuke with the peeler-she felt so grown up (she did not do many peels) and when she asked to taste it I shaved off a slice.
"Mama! this is skin"
"no it is a shaved cucumber, taste it- it is not skin"
"MAMA! why are you making it look like skin, I want to eat a cucumber that looks like a real one" we then must cut it into match sticks...

Such is a typical day! I am begining to feel she needs to attend Pre-school at least a few half days a week! lol

Before she sits and cuddles with daddy to "rest her eyes, and not go to sleep yet", she tells daddy and I "do you know you are my heart, my starts and all my love?"
How better to end a "perfect" day?? How better to make me want to adopt another one!
Good night...

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