Friday, January 25, 2008

In Prince's heart...

Well, it is early-for writing anyway :-)
I am using green as Kaitlyn has expressed her desires for warmer weather and sunshine. I would have used yellow, but it really does not show up that well and I am not in a super sunny mood! :-)
Kaitlyn is still running a fever and showing me patches of "bites". She is having transient patches of whelts, most of them do not itch-but the idea is making me crazy as I have no idea what could be causing any of this-not comforting to a mama who is also a nurse. I don't feel like being a nurse today, I just want to be her mama and cuddle her and read to her today, she seems to think this is a wonderful idea.
As Kaitlyn sits and watches one of her new-found, and also most favorite programs-"Word World", she cuddles her mini-schnauzer and asks "mama, does Prince (yes, she named him and his full name is "Prince Charming" Registered and all! lol) have a heart?"
"Yes, he has a heart, all living things have a heart"
"Well, what is IN his heart?"
"hmmm, I think just muscles and blood"
"Mama, why not God, and love, and happy things?"
"Well, I am not sure if God lives in animals' hearts, I think God does love animals or He would not have made them." "You are probably right, there is probably lots of love in his little heart, and he has happy things too, 'cuz he knows you love him".
"Mama, when I die will you tell Prince I love him?"
"Yes, I will tell Prince you love him, but you won't die yet"
"mama, you KNOW I have to die one day and go get my wings".
Ok, panic mode kicks in about now-she has this way of bringing up death...she is calm as she speaks about it, but it brings a certain panic to my heart.
"Kaitlyn, when are you going to die"
"Oh, not yet, but when it is time, I will go to heaven. Don't forget-OK?"
"OK, I won't forget"
"You won't forget to tell Prince I always love him?"
"No, I won't forget, plus I think he will always know and I think he will feel you as an angel when you get your wings".
"OH,MAMA!" "DO you think God will let Prince see me with my wings? That would be way cool, huh mama?!?" As she flits off to read a book about 5 little monkeys who tease a crocadile...

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