Friday, January 14, 2011

One of Kaitlyn's favorite places on the face of the earth is at the beach-it does not matter if the temperature is 20 degrees or 120 degrees-she will dig in the mud, hunt for shells, dig in the mud, look for "sea creatures", dig in the mud, chase birds, and have I mentioned- dig in the mud!? :)

In December 2010 we visited a beach a few hours from home and we found some very cool looking purplish-blue jelly-fish! I am from Southern California and had NEVER seen jelly fish that looked like these-we even tried to "save" a few by helping them back into the tide but their tentacles were so tangled up they ended up washing back onto the shore and dying anyway.

Her first semester of school ended with "Rock Star students" and they had a day they were supposed to all come dressed as "Rock Stars" so of course Little Miss Kaitlyn HAD to be a Korean Pop star and she dug through her closet and chose an outfit that she felt made her look very cool and like a Korean Teen Pop-Star and we decided she looked Ready to R.O.K.!!! (how punny of us? get it? R.O.K.? Republic of Korea? lol, guess you had to live there to understand!? sometimes Korean sense of Humor rubs off on ya!).
Enjoy the updates and pics and hopefully I can keep this blog stuff a tad better updated?! :)

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