Thursday, January 20, 2011

I won't let you down/Seussical

Tonight Kaitlyn had a "Seussical" at school. The entire _____ Grade was celebrating the life and books written by Dr. Seuss and the fact that children love to read what he wrote (ok, how many of us adults love his books?!).
Kaitlyn was a "narrator" and had a small part in which she was to speak for Horton as he stated "I won't let you down, no! I won't let you fall!" as he attempted to protect the tiny speck of dust on which the inhabitants of Whoville lived and it reminded me of God's words to us and the words so many adoptive parents tell their children-if only every adoptive family could stick by that.

Now-please understand the above is NOT said in judgment of all or necessarily any family/ families that find it necessary to dissolve the adoption union they have or had with the child they desired to parent! I have been privileged to assist several families with finding new homes (aka "re-homing") their adoptive children for whatever reason-and must admit that there ARE extenuating circumstances that cause a family to consider dissolution of an adoption. Most biological families do not "dissolve" their unions with the children but I do know some that wish they could! :)

The only problem I have with dissolution and most families who suffer through or choose to dissolve their adoption is that they initially called themselves a "forever family" and THEN upon re-homing the child (ren) again tell that child (ren) "so-and-so will now be your forever family". JUST WHEN DO THESE CHILDREN BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND FOREVER?!?!? When or how do they learn to trust God, that HE is forever?! It must be noted that the new family needs to be stated just as that- "so-and-so will be your new parents and we pray that they are the correct and long-term family for you"; we pray that they are the ones who can say "I won't let you down, NO! I won't let you fall!"
WHY!? "...because a person is a person, no matter how small..." and "Oh the Places You Will Go" when you are placed in the correct family for you and you learn what it is like to be loved for who and what you are!

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