Friday, January 14, 2011

Breaking Hearts, anger, and where to go now

I have many reasons for not updating our blog-one of which is laziness and I am not proud of this "reason" but it is a fact of life. Moving, along with everything else going on, from the DC area back to Texas has taken its toll on my ability to be organized and I have just been plain lazy.
So, what would make a lazy woman decide to update a blog after so much time? Try anger, wondering where to go, what to do, and a broken heart!
While we lived in Korea our family aided several orphanages by providing medical care (I AM a nurse after all!), English lessons, tutoring for the children as needed/requested, and foster care for children and we tried to adopt a little boy we will call "Dennis" as that is the name he loved. Dennis is now 13 and was adopted at the age of 10 years old by a Korean Doctor and his wife; now mind you you must understand that in Korea, families can "return" a child -like a bad piece of equipment, an unwanted dress or pair of shoes, or any other unimportant item, for up to one year and that this DOCTOR was fully aware that Dennis had learning disabilities and that over the period of three years we maintained contact, and in 2008 when Kaitlyn and I were in Korean for 6 months Dennis stayed with us-anyway...back to the situation at hand.
During the first year Dennis was constantly under the threat of "being returned" and the "Good Doc" had promised that if they chose to return "the boy" his family would insure that our family would be allowed to adopt him (after all, we were the Americans who were "bumped" from the line due to a Korean family stepping up-never mind that they were given INCENTIVES to "take on the burden of a child not of the family blood" and essentially PAID to take him!). Fast forward now THREE YEARS and guess where THE SON OF MY HEART IS!?!?! YOU GUESSED IT- "Dennis" is sitting in an orphanage and it looks like the "GOOD DOCTOR" may have made it so that "Dennis" can NEVER again be adopted. SOOOO-
I am Broken hearted, angry, and not sure where to go, what to do now as the "Son" my husband and I had in our hearts is sitting in an orphanage in Korea...
on a happier note- please enjoy a few photos of the Princess!
The first picture is from 2009 with one of her favorite Dolls and the second is of her learning to bottle feed her youngest niece who was born April 2010.

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