Monday, February 11, 2008

Well, this is how our weather has been for the last few days- sunny and warm enough to wear t-shirts and capri pants while blowing bubbles! Some days ya just gotta appreciate Lousianna! Kaitlyn kept herself fairly busy blowing bubbles while I fixed lunch-we were blessed with "left-overs" from a Korean church we attended yesterday; some Kimchi-daenjong chigae, some "homemade" kimchi (no MSG!!!), some "bap" (we got to make it fresh this morning) and a few pieces of galbi-even the dog was joyful for the Korean church as he gets the bones from Kaitlyn's galbi-lol.

As previously mentioned, we-Kaitlyn and I- attended a Korean church yesterday for our Sunday worship. We had been invited by one of the ladies that runs a local dry cleaning business to attend the Korean Full Gospel Church about 2 blocks away and also have been invited to attend another Korean church somewhere in town. As we are not sure where the one in town is, we elected to attend the Full Gospel one. This is not a service we will frequent- partly as there were only, if we are lucky, 10 people in the service and none were Kaitlyn's age. Near the end of the service, during which poor Kaitlyn had to sit with me-a few other people showed up and we soon found out why-lunch is served immediately after the service! We were very blessed to dine with about 23 friendly, loving Koreans and 2 American associate pastors. We could not have asked for better fellowship adn Kaitlyn was so engrossed with feeding her "Korean food deprived" body that she no longer realized she was the only person under the age of 16 in attendance :-). This little girl ate more than the grown man sitting next to her. I of course did the kind mama thing and washed her kimchi so it would not be so spicey (washing it in water to remove part of the "gochu" or red pepper) and as she was stuffing it in, or "chowing down" as she says-she dropped a small piece of kimchi on the floor. I heard "OH MAMA! Look! I dropped some kimchi!!" I told her we needed to be careful and not waste kimchi- of course I was joking but she did not think so-kimchi is expensive here in the great state of Louisiana and we have essentially "rationed" it for the past few months. Suddenly the pastor's wife is standing over us with a plate of two kinds of kimchi- piled higher than I would dare to pile any plate and asking "would you like to take some home too?" Kaitlyn looks at me and asks "mama, can we PLEEEEEASE take some home?" I, of course cannot refuse to take the precious comodity home and we were blessed with about 12 dollars worth of wonderful kimchi and some soup and hence we had a terrific lunch while daddy ate "BBQ" pork sandwhiches :-).

Another great aspect of the Korean church was the free "music lesson" given after the luncheon-

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