Monday, February 4, 2008

blog frustrations, but at least the day was dry!

Ok, so it is Monday, but does the blog page have to act up too?? My side bar won't stay put, my links are somewhere on the page...sheeze oh pete!

On a Brighter note- today was 73 degrees, fiercely windy, but warm and DRY!!! The sun was playing hide-and-seek behind a "gazillion" gray and black clouds and of course the wind just helped ol' Sun Ajumma out! lol Kaitlyn calls the moon "Moon Ajushi" and says he is cold and the sun is hot like fire, so it is called "Sun Ajumma" Is she trying to say something about men and women here? Ya never know with her.
Around 1030 AM Kaitlyn asked "can we go out for lunch". I tried to explain that we were going to make sandwiches and go eat with daddy at work. "but mama, can we go out to eat". "Kaitlyn McIntyre! I just said we were gonna eat with daddy" "I know mama, but can we eat OUT?" It finally dawned on me, she meant to eat outside! lol
We took a plastic Starbucks' mat (compliments of our Korean Starbucks beauties in 2005!), a sandwich for each of us, apple juice for Kaitlyn, some chips and of course- some cookies. "Mama, can we have a banana too?" so one lonely banana came along for the ride.
We met daddy and "ate out". Kaitlyn has this strange LOVE for the wind- so she ate with the wind blowing INTO her face, smiling and laughing the entire time. She only ate part of her sandwich, but she fought dad for the banana. The poor ol' mini choco-chip cookies had to ride back home in the lunch bag...
After lunch we went to the fish pond and she tried to feed dried berries to the fish. "mama, I don't think they have very good teeth to eat dried berries, do you think they have soft teeth?" "No Katie, they don't have teeth"
"Mama, why did you not put bread or cereal in the car for the poor fish? Now they are saying "Katie, your mama is gonna make me hungry! Tell her to bring us some cereal tomorrow" so it looks like tomorrow will be spent feeding the cereals "Miss Katie" refuses to eat to the fish (poor fish! the cereal is soooo stale!).
We went shopping for me a few blouses or shirts (oh yeah! Wamart here we come again!). Instead, we found some really cute sweaters and shirts marked down to $3.99 to mail to the orphanage in Koera...we are excited to get them in the mail tomorrow afternoon.
Then, mysteriously- it was 1530 (3 PM for some of ya!) and we just HAD to go to sonic for a "half price drink". Did you know that sonic charges 0.10 cents for each "add" to a drink? My usual $1.79 lemon-berry slush ended up, at half price, costing $1.80!!! Ok, so I added extra lemon (30 cents), 2 shots of cranberry (20 cents), some pineapple (another 20 cents), plus they charged for the strawberries that normally come in the "lemon-berry" slush! So much for "half price drinks"! Not to mention, with all the fruit, I had to eat it with a spoon...guess I will think of something else next time :-). Kaitlyn had her usual, a "vanilla dish" and a small rootbeer.
We got home and it was still warm so we played in the front yard (still flooded, but we can use the sidewalk). The wind had blown twigs out of the tree and Kaitlyn decided she was a "moose or a deer with antlers"...she held up two large , branched twigs and yelled "mama! Look! I have the best antlers in Lewzanna!" lol
Well- time to make a bed time snack, do some school work, and fold the last load of laundry...hope you have a great nite's sleep and many sweet dreams!

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