Friday, February 1, 2008

We had a good day!

Oh what a day! The sun was shinning brightly, we had NO rain, and after spending the day yesterday wondering if we would drown or be blown away by a tornado-I would say THIS WAS AN IMPROVEMENT! :-)
Kaitlyn was happy that daddy had to go to a work luncheon as that left her and I to go out to lunch. I had planned on sandwiches, but she said we have had enough "of those things" for this week. I happened to agree a little to readily! We had heard that one little "cafe" in town was a decent place to get Korean food and so I figured we would try it.
We walked in and Kaitlyn does her obligatory bow and "an young ha sae yo" as do I. We are greeted by a Korean woman about 50 years old and one about 65 that look at me like I must have found a lost child; "oh, who is this baby?". I ignore the comment and begin reading the menu board. I see NO other Koreans in the small room, so I begin to wonder if we will get "real" Korean food or a poor imitation as we had a month ago at the "Kalbee House" (oh my goodness- THAT one is a whole other story!). I don't see her favored "Daen Jeong Chigae and state as much-and the ajumma (Korean for "woman" or "auntie") does not say otherwise. She insists we want the "special" and so Kaitlyn and I both ask "what is the special". In typical Korean fashion they answer: "it is fie dollah niney fie cent and tax".
"No, I mean what is served on the special?"
"it only from 11 to 2"
"aguessumnida" (meaning I understand) and of course they look at me just a tad bit different..."how you speakie Korean langagee?"
"Well, my daughter is Korean, I spent a few years in Korea, and I try to keep up the little bit I know". so here we go again...."what food items are served on the daily special?"
"AH! you want to know what you can eat on special?" "yes, ajumma"
Big smiles and then "fied wice, bulgogi, thwee yaki mandu". "OK, we will take that and some Kimchi". Then I realize the menu board has some American type items so I ask "do you have Korean or American Kimchi".
"Oh, Korean kimchi opso" (there is none). We have American cucumber kimchi for baby" looking at Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn of course joyously yells out "mama, mama, we can eat that! I love Kimchi, but I want cabbage kimchi too". I explain there is none today and we will eat cucumber kimchi and some "kong namul" or bean sprouts - of course they ask "you want Korean or American?" Kaitlyn says "ajumma, we only eat Korean, we no want American here!" lol (she is picking up her Konglish again!)
after having to run down the street to get some cash to pay for the upcoming lunch-we sit down to TWO plates of lunch special with "we fix it on two pate so aeggi can have own pate". Kaitlyn says "kam sa hamnida" and she DIGS in! We had some tolerable American style Cucumber Kimchi (yes, Shi, we ate enough for you too!), and the absolute BEST bean sprouts we have had since leaving Korea!! The rest of the meal was ok, better than what I have been cooking-lol. I watched as others got their meals- we had at least double their portions and we were only charged for "one portion". Kaitlyn stopped eating just before her "tummy popped" and we were able to get some "kong namul" to bring home.
We made a run to the next town over so we could go to a better walmart (lol, the ONLY shopping available for 45+ miles) and stopped at Sonic for a fast drink -one small rootbeer for Kaitlyn to go with her "vanilla dish" (she likes the two separate!) and one lemon slush with pineapple and double cranberry...not too bad I guess but I think I will find a different combo next time!
Our story tonight was "Cold Paws, Warm Heart" a story about a polar bear who is cold on the outside and inside due to not having any friends or any contact with anyone other than himself. A little girl befriends him and he soon warms up (also thanks to Hannah's scarf, a cup of hot chocolate, and hugs!). Kaitlyn says "mama, you keep me warm with hugs and I will never , NEVER stop loving you!" As I kiss her goodnight, she says "mama we had a good day, you know that?!" I had to agree. :-)

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