Monday, September 7, 2009

Sept 09

WOW, what a busy summer we have had.
Kaitlyn finished school the middle of June and was so sad that she will have 2 months off as "we don't have enough kids at our house"! lol
I had surgery on my shoulder (replace/repair the torn cartlilage, re-attach the biceps tendon, repair and attach the rotator cuff, shave some clavical...) in early June and managed to whimp my way into July. A friend who was at one time one of my soldiers came from Florida to visit and we enjoyed catching up and seeing DC together.
The end of July my nephew spent a week with us before he left for Navy boot camp and we spent a few days sight-seeing in DC again. We also managed a trip to SC to visit my sister and her family as well as spend a few days at Isle of Palms beach where the sand is fine and smooth as baby powder. Kaitlyn and her cousins managed to catch 40 plus starfish; they were upset that the starfish were the velvety black ones rather than the throny orange ones. The kids were amazed that when a leg broke off it crawled off by itself (haha) so we threw the parts and pieces back into the ocean. We managed to collect some cool shells but will have to visit the best beaches for shell hunting at a later date
August flew by with Kaitlyn teaching herself to jump rope, hula-hoop (with 2 hoops!), blow bubbles with her gum (oh my! she is now a "pro" at cracking her gum as we drive down the road!!), and swimming. Kaitlyn now jumps off the diving board and swims the lenght of the pool; it will be sad to see winter come and she loses her favorite sport but she will again pick up ballet and piano.
September is now here and we spent the first week in California meeting family I have not seen in 30 years and Kaitlyn loved Uncle John and Aunt Janet. We got some -how be it very little- time with Oppa and his girlfriend and of course who can pass up the beach when it is only steps from the hotel and Oppa's home? lol Kaitlyn let it be known that she can now "jump the waves better if you don't hold my hand" and she chose to swim under the waves rather than over so I spent hours fretting and chasing her as I tried to keep tabs on my youngest, suddely no-fear child!
We will spend today getting ready for school to begin tomorrow and life will again become "busy" (lol, as if it has been calm and restful over the summer?).

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amiablerain said...

Sorry you are in pain from surgery
I will pray for your complete healing.