Thursday, January 15, 2009

I survived...

Well, it seems the pictures "floated" to the top-hope you enjoy!

Two year olds..."you wanna bwush u teef too?"

How a 2 yr old reaches the "bwush mah teef!"

My sister at her first Korean restaurant and she tasted EVERYTHING and mastered the chopsticks...
My girls with Mickey Imo...the angel who aided the progress of our adoption in Korea! We love Mickey Imo!!

One of our Korean "sons" was able to visit while in the US-and during the holidays with 12 extra family members present! Poor Song! We sure miss him!

My oldest daughter and youngest son...was nice to see them!

oops...Kaitlyn's tree is laying on it's, she had a snowflake and bell theme...

Introducing her dog (his tail end, so he was not as excited as she was!) to her favorite thing about Christmas-the singing trio...
Our oldest son, on left, my niece, my next to youngest sister and her "excited" hubby...

Trev kept wondering how he managed to be the most sober and get stuck with the less sober of; my niece...
My youngest grandson (on left) and a nephew...both are miracles!
wow! Minnie Mouse for Halloween-a little out of order, but those "floating" photos are killers.

feeling the "guts" of a pumpkin...the face says it all! lol

"oh no! I'm not gonna touch it any more!"

after arriving home from school- she LOVES school and as of December 30th is reading most anything she can gets her hands on!

the cute sister with the...other sister (the left side is the cute one) ...sarang Hae!

Cousins in Korean princess dresses! Kaitlyn is 2 yrs older than Mak, but only a few inches taller and she had SO much fun meeting Mak.

J.M., and Kaitlyn
The last posting is dated 27 September 2008-since that time I have survived the last shipment of household goods out of storage, a hurricane damaging my house and dealing with unscrupulous contractors and property managers, a broken shoulder (oh yeah! survived but still not frixed), my father having major surgery, Thanksgiving, Christmas while in a sling and 12 people coming to stay in my house while the boxes were still stacked up (remember the broken shoulder...), the adoption of a baby cockatiel who was supposedly weaned (yeah, right!) from formula and eating cockatiel feed along with a dog who has decided he should be the only baby around here and Cockatiels are NOT wanted, and now...COLD-sheeze, what is it with the weather?

Miss Kaitlyn enjoyed the holidays- Thanksgiving gave her time to visit with her niece and nephews (lol, our oldest son's children-she still does not comprehend being their "Aunt" as she is younger than the oldest two!) and some 2nd cousins; Christmas gave her 2 weeks with new cousins and she thorougly enjoyed the boys (are we in TROUBLE!). The evening everyone left, she looked at me and with teary eyes stated "mom, I don't care what kind of child we get, but I really do need a brother or sister- even an older one. You gotta hurry and adopt me one!"
Theresa has been spending quite a bit of time with "Rachel" and was to spend some time over the Winter holiday (in Korea from Christmas to Mid-Feb then again a few more weeks into March) with her bio-grandmother and sister and brother; the last time I talked to her she was not thrilled but felt a family is important, even if they (siblings) don't treat you properly. I will be calling in a few days to speak with her-praying she at least has a decent visit with her grandmother.
I am going to try to attach a few photos during the period of Sept 2008 to Jan 2009-enjoy.


Margie said...

Hi! I was copied on your email to KF and found your blog from your signature. I look forward to reading more.

amiablerain said...

Your family is beautiful.