Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Birthday photos

The photo below was taken by Tracey MOMO and shows a few of the children adopted from the same "babies home" as Kaitlyn. They are called the "H___________ Nomads" as they will inevitably move from place to place-curtesy of the US Military!

Pak, Jin Ha aka Theresa, and her recently discovered bio-siblings Pak, Song Ha, Pak Nam I, and her "Komo" or aunt (although I think it is really a cousin) Ms. Chae (15 years old~). Taken at the Dragon Hill Lodge, Yongsan Korea
Song Hoon, a 2.5 year old gorgeous boy who lives at the Babies home- he has a father who DEARLY loves him but cannot care for him, his 3 other brothers and work, so the youngest has to live at the babies home. Please keep this little guy in your prayers- he was a "premie" and is showing some signs of a serious medical condition; also pray for the director and the nurse assigned to the "home" that they make wise decisions on his behalf!
One of my favorite pictures; Kaitlyn and SaeHee-love and life can't get much better than this!
Daddy tying of the "bow" of Kaitlyn's "Hanbok"

Kaitlyn demonstrating the "typical pose" for photos- the "Peace" sign in hopes that one day North and South Korea will be united; I pray that there will be peace on the side of the South and that the younger generation does not forget what the older ones have taught them!

Below you will see two of the awesome decorations Rosita Imo made for the party- ALL Koreans who saw them asked for them, but they are "safely" home and I will use them to decorate her room or figure out a way to save them for her 16th Party!

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