Friday, April 11, 2008

Trying to catch up!

Together again!! Kaitlyn and Caden Kaitlyn trying to Hugs Caden into saying "I will marry you!"
Uh oh! We have a slight problem- Kaitlyn is taking up RIGHT WHERE SHE LEFT OFF in Oct 06!!
Baek Oppa (say the "AE" with a short "E" sound) He no longer has a "boyish" look but an "Ajushi"!
Theresa and Kaitlyn enjoying one of their favorite "Chores"!

Today is the 11th of April here in Korea. Yes, I said Korea. Kaitlyn and I have been here since late evening on the 4th of March and we have not sat still for a moment!
I am supposed to be working on a powerpoint presentation, but will take a moment to do a quick update. Since arriving in The Land of the Morning Calm we have spent several days at Hwasong, stayed 3 weeks with "Lilbit Imo", spent 3 weeks with Caden's mom (you will hear more about "Caden" shortly), and not eaten NEARLY the amount of Korean food we would like!

Our first morning here we showed up at the HS SP ED class to let Lilbit Imo know we had arrived-all the while thinking Dan had told her we were coming and when we would arrive. Kaitlyn walked into the room a few minutes before class began and Lilbit stood there looking like "who brought a child into my room?" which quickly turned to "OMG! What are you doing here?"
We were amazed to find that Dan had kept his "promise" and Lilbit had NOT known we were coming and we were successful in suprising her.

Once we left the HS we went to visit a few friends who work for Starbucks Korea and walked into the Starbucks on post to the screams of ___________ (Kaitlyn's Korean name) and "Tammy Ajumma"!!! We had about 15 amazed people starring us down wondering what all the fuss was over and why they were now having to wait to have their coffees made :-). Several of the former and current employees of Starbucks-Korea were instramental in helping Kaitlyn transition from a Korean Children's House (Orphanage) to an American family-nothing says "I love you" better than a "James Frapaccino"! (a specialty at Yongsan Starbucks! It is a Caramel Frapaccino with LAYERS of heavy caramel! You can only get it from one of the girls who knows my husband).
In order to allow us an easy transition back to Korea, we stayed several nights at the hotel and enjoyed all the "hooopla" of the staff at Greenstreet making a fuss over our return and how big Kaitlyn has gotten. We have had several Korean friends state "wish you had adopted me, then I could be speaking Korean as well as Kaitlyn!".

We enjoyed a wonderful Traditional Korean dinner our first weekend here with several of the "Katusa Oppas", or former ROK soldiers assigned to work with my husband. It is amazing that we are able to stay in touch with KATUSA soldiers from as far back as the year 2000! (see pics)

We are still hoping and praying that Theresa's bio-father keeps his promise of showing up at the Family Court and signing the final adoption papers (she turned 9 in Jan), but it is looking less promising each day. We had the luxury of meeting Geon Ha's (He still insists we call him Dennis and find a way to adopt him and take him to America!) new family and had a wonderful weekend with he, Theresa, and Kaitlyn spending time together; Dennis' family insists I have "visitation" and I am NOT going to complain. Kaitlyn is trying to figure out why he now has a Korean family when we initially were the first people in 8 years to want to adopt him and I have explained that we were able to initiate the desire for a family and that God works in ways we don't understand-but now Geon ha has a family who will hopefully love him forever and help him "be the best he can be" (lol, play on the OLD Army logo!!). (See pics).

Kaitlyn was initially taken to Hwasong babies home in June of 2003 with a little boy who was only 10 days older and they were "virtual twins" and seemed inseparable. We thought of adopting both children together, but it was not possible; we left Korea with a sad heart and prayed we would find a way to adopt him or that God would open the doors and hearts in Korea to allow him a family. God always comes through! This little boys name is now Caden, his final adoption decree is days away, and his parents are U.S. Marines (can't complain there- we sure love our Marine!)!!. Kaitlyn and Caden are again nearly inseparable unless his older brother is feeling a little We think it is funny that thier Korean names have the same first initial and that their American names have the same initial sounds. Kaitlyn of course took right up where she left off in Oct of 2006...(see pics) and the "Omma's" at the orphanage are thrilled to see them getting along so well and in knowing they will always stay "connected".

Kaitlyn is planning her marriage to Caden, "Mini Me", and "Baek Oppa"- see pics of each of the "Men" in her life...

Kaitlyn is enjoying her time at the Korean "Kindergarten" Yuchi wan- or as we would call it "pre-school". I am however having to adjust and an trying really hard to NOT PINCH THE HEAD OFF OF ONE LITTLE GIRL! This little girl is "Korean-American" and goes by "SoPee" (guess her American name! lol it is very closely pronounced like the Korean version). "SoPee" has decided that she HATES Kaitlyn's pretty face and yesterday commenced to scratch and pinch in order to again be "the prettiest face in school" (oh yes! her words exactly!!!). Kaitlyn asked me why some people are so mean and I told her I just could not explain it. "Mama, I hate, hate, hate mean people!" I told her at the moment I was "hating a few mean people" also but that God would rather we prayed for them and in the mean time stay way. I also had to explain that Yuchi wan was NOT an orphanage and she must tell the Songsang Nim (Teacher) when "SOPee" or any other child was mean or attempting to hurt her- she says she will try but first today when "SoPee" says in English (she says mean things to Caden and Kaitlyn in English so the teachers don't understand!) "I don't like you and I hate your pretty face" she will respond with "that is ok 'cuz I hate mean people and won't have people like you for a friend!" I hope it has at least enough effect that "SoPee" leaves her alone! One nice thing? I know my daughter is beautiful, but for another child to be jealous only proves it! I am still teaching Kaitlyn that pretty is only pretty if we ACT pretty and are pretty from the inside out!

Well, it has taken me longer than expected- so I hope you enjoy the pics! I tried to add them below, but they "jumped" to the top. It looks like I will have to do another "post" in order to add more pics!
An yong he cas ae yo! (bye!)

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